Characters are stubborn little critters, aren’t they?

The main character complains that she’s not a woman, but an Alpha male, despite his feminine side. In fact, he’s gay and doesn’t care who knows it. Another character refuses to play the role of wimp as she prefers to put her Tae kwon do skills to the test. And she doesn’t wilt under the strong gaze of Mr: Macho. She throws him down on the bed and has her way with him. Then she showers, dresses and says something cool like, “I knew I should have stayed in and washed my hair.”

You discover that the politician has morals, despite his past wrongdoings. The angelic-faced churchgoer kills animals, then the next door neighbour. A wife is killed and her lawyer husband seeks vengeance. Then he becomes as ruthless as the people he hunts down.

The time machine looks out-of-place in the story. The main character, an old professor, has told you a million times, he’s a scientist, not a time traveller. So let’s delete this and return to page five.

Finally, a mutual agreement is reached. All the characters are happy with their roles. But will the readers be?

This goes through your mind as you hit the send button to Amazon and wait.


6 thoughts on “Characters Are Stubborn Little Critters

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