The problem with companies which have the monopoly on anything is that they strangle creativity from competitors. The paper book publishing world is one such monopoly. It has been quick to criticise the ebook world despite the size of its readership. The latter is still considered to be vanity publishing and in some respect it still is. However, vanity publishing is also prevalent in the paperback world. Many of these writers went to the same unis and/or  are from the same class – usually middle-upper class – as the publishers who represent them. This cosy relationship manifests itself in navel-gazingly dull books which would not see the light of day had they been written by an outsider.  I have lost count of the amount of printed books I just couldn’t finish or have barely read because they were formulaic and full of tired clichés usually heard round the dinner tables of the metropolitan elite.

I want choice, not to be told what I should read.,Readers are customers. The best business role model would to be to attract these customers. Let them decide what they want to read, not what publishers think they should read.

What do you think?


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